I’m a photographer with an adventurous spirit currently based in Skövde, Sweden where I was born and raised. My interest for photography started at a very young age, as I got older it only grew bigger and my camera was my biggest priority to bring wherever I went. In 2015 I moved to Cleveland, Ohio and it would end up being my home for the next three years of my life as I began my studies at Lorain County Community College and studied Photography and Graphic Design. I have since then participated in four art exhibitions and have won two awards from my participation: Film Photography (2016) and Digital Photography (2017). Studying at Lorain County Community College is definitely one the best decision I have ever made. Art has become such an important part of my life and I constantly challenge myself to find new ways to express my creativity.

Landscape photography was my main passion and inspiration but I have now broadened my interest into modeling and lifestyle photography as well. I have a very exciting plan of where I want to take my photography next, but I won't tell just yet! Follow me on my social media to stay up to date with my work. Don't forget to take a look at my portfolio, I'm very excited to share my work with you!